Monday, June 29, 2015

Popular Body Types That Were "In"

I like this clip because it shows just how silly humans are when it comes to what looks beautiful or is "in."

Monday, May 04, 2015

Modern Chivalry

My dating life is about as boring as EVER.  ...yes, that means that I am NOT dating at all. If I ever find someone that peaks my interest, I'll definitely make time for him. However, checking out a million random guys in an effort to find a good date seems like a gigantic process with little reward. For now, I am leaving it up to destiny/fate/a PURE miracle or to a time when I change my mind about that.

The one thing that I have noticed over the (almost) 6 years as a single mom is that guys from the past like to make contact and catch up. I am beginning to believe that guys are more nostalgic than women and that they just might have better memories than we give them credit for (better than I do anyway). When it comes to this, Facebook has really changed the world. I would never have guessed that a guy I was casual friends with over 20 years ago would private message me to "catch up."

I am not sure what to make of it, but I have noticed their similarities:

1. None of them live anywhere near me (not even in this huge state of Texas or a surrounding state).
2. They are all on their second marriage.
3. They all had AWFUL first marriages - their ex-wive's fault of course.  They shared a few stories & I believe them.
4. They all seemed happy in their second marriage, but haven't bragged about their current wife.
5. They remember much more about me than I remember about them.
6. They considered us closer friends that I did.
7. They told me that they saw my picture and I still look the same/am beautiful.
8. They all told me that they had a crush or really liked me back in the day.
9. These catch-up sessions seem to last a few weeks and then taper off.

Only one or two suggested anything inappropriate. Mostly, they have been really respectful and genuinely kind. I am wondering if this is modern chivalry. They must know that divorce can blow self-esteem out of the water. I certainly don't fish for compliments or go out of my way to make it known that I am single. They probably notice that I use my maiden name.  This catching-up could be their good deed and a way for them to share their woes for a little therapy. I like to remind them to spoil their current wife.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Price of Shame

I haven't thought about Monica Lewinsky in a long time.  Then I saw this video below.  I am so glad to see that she seems to be rising above all that happened when she was so young.  At the time, I didn't really know what to think, but I truly felt sorry for all that she had to face and would face in the future.  Now, she is speaking up and has many good points.  Best quote, "Shame cannot survive empathy."  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blind Devotion

What love really should be:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

I am still very single.  I can't even remember when my last date was, but I love Valentine's Day anyway.  I hope this day makes everyone smile because not all love is romantic.  It would be nice to be a special someone 's Valentine, but it is also nice to just be happy & loving.  

I made cute cards for my kids to take to school and decided to share them here.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Too Much Drama

When your kids are driving you crazy, watch this video and remember - It could all be worse!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Very Superstitious

Have you ever looked up what the #1 song was when you were born?  You can do that here:

Birthday Song

Apparently, mine speaks volumes:  Supersition by Stevie Wonder

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sharing Birthdays

Today is my birthday and like most of my birthdays since my daughter was born, I don't feel like mine is that big of a deal.  Her birthday was 2 days ago.  I am so busy making it a great week for her that I'm birthdayed out when it is my turn.

I started planning her party a few weeks ago.  She wants to have some friends over to eat dinner and watch a movie.  She chose the Book of Life, so we have a Mexican theme.  I created an invitation and emailed it out.  We'll be making enchiladas. I still need to make decorations and get stuff for the party. I bought a few gifts for her last Saturday.

On Monday, her birthday, I picked up donuts for her class.  For lunch, she requested Carrabbas.  I ordered that online and took it to the school to eat with her.  That night, I made lasagna and steamed carrots for dinner.  My son took the picture below that evening. We had a good time.  Now, I am preparing for her party this Friday.  I enjoy all the excitement for her, but I have very little left over to devote to my own birthday.

As a single mom, it is easy for mine to get swept under the rug.  My kids wanted to buy presents for me, but that would mean I would have to take them shopping and give them money.  I can't really afford to do that.  They make me sweet little cards and notes instead.

Don't feel sad for me.  I am also overwhelmed by the heart-felt messages on Facebook.  I love all of that positive energy.  Quite a few friends called and stopped by with gifts.  My work even sent cupcakes.  One dear friend gave my kids each a dollar to go to bed early.  They actually were down by 6:30 and asleep by 7pm.  --Best gift EVER!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

2015 New Years Resolutions

A strange thing happened last year.  I really started believing in the power of writing goals or desires of the heart down.  I have been doing it for years, so obviously I believed that there was merit in doing it.  Last year, I unexpectedly became a huge fan.

In the months following my divorce, I wrote a list of goals or desires that I wanted to happen in five years.  The list included 2 things that I didn't really know how to work on, so I didn't do anything about them. To be blunt, I hoped I could get the loans on my townhouse and vehicle in my name only (not with my ex).  I was working part-time and was making the payments all by myself often without child support, but I was sure I couldn't qualify for the loan by myself.  After writing it down, I went about life and didn't think about it again.

Last December, the transmission on my car went out.  I had just paid it off, but the title was in both of our names.  I pouted a few days, but then went to Car Max and got a cheaper used car, which I did qualify for ALL BY MYSELF.  I still didn't think about my goal until a month later, when I got a call from my mortgage company.  They told me that the government has a program to help people refinance.  I told them that I had gotten divorced and wasn't making very much money.  I didn't know if I could qualify.  They told me that I should try, so I went for it.  A few months later, the townhouse was only in my name.  I did nothing to seek those things out, but within 5 years they came to pass.  Coincidence?  Maybe...but I believe writing them sparked it all.

Now it is 2015, and I definitely want to document my resolutions.

1.  juice

I am going to juice more often (3 to 5 times a week).  Maybe even do a 3 day juice fast every month or two.  I love juicing, but I have gotten out of the habit.  Every time I need a little motivation, I am going to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - 1 or 2 (  Love those documentaries!

2. de-clutter my house 

For my entire life, I have never lived the the same house for long.  I have always moved with-in a year or two.  I have never had to spring clean or purge the junk that tends to accumulate.  My de-cluttering was basically about throwing stuff out that isn't worth moving.  I have now lived in this house for 3 1/2 years.  It completely surprises me that we could have so much extra stuff when I am very thrifty.  My goal is to figure out how to de-clutter when the goal isn't moving.  

3. pay off credit cards

Now that I am working full-time and life has started getting financially easier, I plan to reduce my debts and save more.  That is pretty straight forward.

4. lift others

I can't even count how many people have gone out of their way to help me through these last few years.  I am often shocked and humbled by their generosity and kindness.  I want to do help others the way they've helped me.  I started donating blood on a regular basis.  It happened because I felt like I didn't have anything to give, but I am healthy and realized that is one thing I could do.  I want to keep looking for ways to spread kindness.

5. teach essential oil classes

I have learned so much and there are quite a few people calling me and approaching me to ask questions.  People are really starting to take an interest in essential oils.  Our blog, Essential Health Solutions, is blowing up.  In a little over 2 months, it has had over 2,000 hits and it is picking up more readers all the time.  I see more and more people turning to essential oils.  My local grocery store has more than doubled their shelf space for essential oils and those brands aren't even safe to take internally or use topically. I see more and more people getting excited and wanting to learn more.

I think that is a pretty good list.  I would like to think that sharing it makes me more accountable.  I have a few other more personal things listed in a notebook.  I guess those are more dreams/wishes.  For some reason, I feel like sharing those kinds of things that I have less control over will jinx them like a birthday wish.

Cheers to you all!  Happy New Year and may life take you where you need and want to go!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

We are spending the day with some friends that have a girl Lexi's age and a boy Jordan's age. I'm making rolls, pumpkin pie, and green bean casserole.  We might head over to spend time with old friends this evening and eat more pie (like I need more dessert).

Hope this day is full of amazing memory making moments and love for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving!